I wish to introduce myself: My name is Jan Lindhardt I am originally from Denmark, I am a father of 8 children and grandfather to so far 10 grandchildren.

My wife and I have raised our family practically without any need for medical intervention including having two of our children born at home. My wife Judy is a native of Kansas and has homeschooled all 8 of our children.

I managed to keep my family healthy through implementing the things I have learned about natural health and healing. I developed a passion for natural wellness that drove me to take many online courses, read dozens of nutrition books and thousands of articles on natural health.

I have given seminars to hundreds of people on behalf of a radio station, chiropractors, and health and fitness clubs as well as in homes.

Being frustrated over how few people I was reaching I am inviting people to take a look at my online wellness community. As a thank you for taking a look I am giving you an alkaline food chart that you can get by going to my blog at www.Health2USA.com/alkaline

Through my free newsletter you will learn about:

  • Healing with herbs
  • Importance of Essential Oils
  • Sports and family nutrition
  • Much more

My main emphasis is on free-radical repair and alkaline living as that is the answer to 80% of what ails us.

When you go to www.Health2USA.com/alkaline you will not only get an opportunity to get your free alkaline food chart but also be able to take a look at the alkaline diet that I follow and recommend.

While the website is still in the early stages, my library of articles and Micronars (micro seminars) will grow and is sure to become a valuable source of learning for everyone in the Health²USA community!

I welcome your replies and remarks!